Mesh networking works!

 So, one of the key features I wanted to implement in this project was mesh networking. Pycom have their own implementation of it, called Pymesh, so I figured it would be ok. One look at the docs was quite confusing for a novice like me, however on closer inspection it was integrated in the Pybytes (Pycom's online dashboard/gateway). I am already using the release feature in Pybytes to push code to the devices over wifi, which means the USB post does not need to be accessible, so using Pymesh that way made sense.

The benefits of Pymesh-

  • Mesh networking over LoRa
  • Self healing
  • Allows cheaper no LTE devices to be easily incorporated

The downsides of Pymesh-

  • Not sure if I can use the things network at the same time - need to check this!
  • Longer boot time
  • Greater load on the microcontroller processing capacity