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South West XC 2022 - Round 2 - Grammarcombe

 Steve organises brilliant races at Grammarcombe, as this one was no exception. 150+ competitors, four races and three brilliant courses (under 8s, under 10s & 12s, and juniors upwards). Steve has a mountain biking weekend coming up, sign up here . Timing wise this was a passive RFID timed race, using Sportiva Event's RFID gear I've written about before. Webscorer was the software of choice. The setup was as shown below. There's not much to report on the equipment front. It all worked seamlessly. All the kit was in bright sunlight. With the previous networking kit we were using this would be enough to trigger an overheat, killing the network and therefore the readers. However, the new Teltonika modem/router and switch performed without any issues. Antenna performance is as below. This analysis is from the largest race (96 competitors). Antenna Number Antenna Reader IP Reader Type Identifier Number of Reads Average Signal 1 Centre Mat EU21 - 1