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South West XC - first test of CrossMgr

 It's no secret that I'm quite the Webscorer fan. I've talked about it a lot, and I think it strikes a good blend of ease of use, function and flexibility. Plus is undergoing constant development which only makes it better. However, for the XC races I time, Webscorer can keep up with the taps, but I struggle to keep up with getting the information I need out of Webscorer. Allow me to explain. In a single race there can be up to 12 categories. Each category has a different number of laps (some have the same number). As the leader per category finishes, all the riders in that category finish (even if lapped), but the rest must carry on. The distance between the finish line and the point to pull a rider is about 50m. On the flat. On easy grass. The call to pull a rider has to be spot on. It's a challenge, and I was stuggling. Enter CrossMgr . It's an open source piece of software written by Edward Sitarski, a cycling commissar, so he knows what he's taking on. Fir