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First post in a while!

 Apologies for the delay in posting! So in the last few months... not much has happened. The combination of a global pandemic, working in education and taking on more in the day job has somewhat put the brakes on things. However, there are now two key priorities- Finish the schematic and PCB design Then get these sent off and built, hopefully leading to an increasingly reliable (none of my soldering to go wrong) device which can accept a variety of power sources. Integrate with Webscorer By far and away the most asked for feature, and I can understand why - Webscorer is really good and the developers are amazing. Now originally I thought this was totally impossible, but then I found this project by runner. He has managed to fool Webscorer into thinking a Raspberry Pi was an LLRP server. My steps (or anyone that wishes to help) are as follows- Adapt all the setup stuff in the code to get it working Read a google sheet to identify new records (timestamp + UID) Take that new record and c