Like blu-tac, only stronger

 A brief update - following my left arm being rendered useless for a short period of time I now have some use coming back to it. Not full range and definitely nowhere near full strength, but enough to support bits and pieces, hold solder etc.

Which means I've had chance to test out my new glue - JB PlasticWeld Epoxy Putty - and it's great*! It comes in a tube, you cut of an amount (not much is required) mix between your fingers until a uniform consistency and colour is achieved, and then mould into the required shape.

I used it to create mounts for the standoffs (new shorter ones - see the next post) on the ABS casing. Something standard epoxy just hadn't done well. To make sure they held, I coated them in PlasticWeld Epoxy

You can see the standoffs in the photo below, just to the left of the power switch-

*I'm not being sponsored for this and am in no way connected with JB Weld, their product just did what I needed to, really well