Timing a Duathlon - How to Do It!

 Following on the last post, I was asked to cover the Killerton Duathlon as part of Sportiva Events covering it for the organiser due to family health situation.

It was the first event using the new HuTag XC-3 ankle chips, therefore to be sure of reads some gates used multiple readers and each gate was timed using a separate computer (well two computers and a tablet). This was via Webscorer's multi device timing feature. A really useful feature if-

  1. Your timing gates are far apart
  2. Everyone starts in one wave or very close waves (meaning gates are not active when people are still milling around)
  3. Internet connectivity is good
And there is not much to say, other than 100% read rate!!!!

Was very happy, here's a few conclusions I drew from this event-
  1. Wifi linked gates using the TP Link point to point adapters is fine
  2. Hu-Tags generally respond better to side antennae
  3. Two mats + two sides is ample for the gates, except bike
  4. For bike, four sides angled to create a read "zone" seems to be the gold standard
More timing jobs to write up shortly, when I get time.