Race Report - Something Wild Festival - Fell Race

Rather than roll this report into the main Something Wild Festival timing report, I'll do it separately as it corresponds to a separate timing system.

My love for Webscorer is well documented in this blog, and just before this race was supposed to take place Webscorer released a new update. This allowed "helper" devices to assist with on screen timing via tablets / laptops / phones. The instructions for setup are here. This race was timed in this way.

What is the race?

It's a fell race with around 100 participants. It's my favourite type of racing, where runners have to pick the best line they can between points. Normally over vague paths / pathless terrain, they tend to be very friendly, low key events. This one was on Dartmoor.

So... timing?

Webscorer app timing (no chips here), but split between two tablets (both android). it works, it works really well. The only thing to note is that there is a "send data" button on the bottom of the Webscorer screen which transmits the data from the helper device to the main device. I hadn't read/watch the instructions so missed this as first.

Also to note, Webscorer can send an email with their time in to finishers. Much appreciated by finishers in this race.

And the meaning of all this?

Higher finish line densities can now be covered using app timing. No fancy chip system required. Good news for remote races, those who cannot afford a fancy chip system (a lot of people I suspect). Less faff for a good result is always good in my book.